Global XAS Journal Club

Jerry Seidler from the University of Washington has organized a Global XAFS Journal Club:

Science-related travel has slowed, and in some cases stopped in many other countries. The slowing of research and research collaborations has a negative effect on our progress, but perhaps especially on our students. In this zoom-based journal club, our speakers will talk for about 25 minutes about some topic of their choice and will provide some appropriate reading that the students and other participants should read ahead of time and have available. We’ll try to record these zoom sessions and distribute them without restriction, posting them to Global XAS Journal Club videos ( Hence, anyone who participates should expect that they are doing so in a public, recorded forum.

Meetings take place using Zoom, on Mondays and Thursdays at 9 am Seattle (Los Angeles) time (UTC-7). To join the upcoming Zoom meetings, contact Jerry Seidler (seidler  @ or visit for the Zoom link within 30 minutes of the start of each meeting.

A table of upcoming and past presentations, with abstracts and links to Youtube videos.

Presentation DateSpeakerTitle
2020-Oct-01Dmitry KhakhulinFemtochemistry at the FXE instrument of the European XFEL
2020-Sept-24Federica FratiO K-edge Spectroscopy
2020-Sept-17Santiago FigueroaSpectroscopy and New Scientific Opportunities at SIRIUS, part II
2020-Sept-10Wolfgang MalzerPrinciples and applications of laboratory XAS with graphite crystal von Hamos spectrometers
2020-Sept-03Helio Tolentino, et alSpectroscopy and New Scientific Opportunities at SIRIUS, part I
2020-Aug-27Kristjan KunnusProbing of coherent nuclear wavepacket dynamics with X-ray emission and scattering in solvated Fe photosensitizers
2020-Aug-20M. Darby DyarApplication of Multivariate Analysis Techniques to Quantitative Interpretation of Valence States in XAS
2020-Aug-13Juanjuan HuangEnergy Dispersive X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy at the Munich Compact Light Source
2020-Aug-10Susan CumberlandDetermining uranium geochemistry within natural organic-matter rich environments using XAS and XFM techniques
2020-Aug-03Liang ZhangIn situ/operando XAS for energy storage materials
2020-July-30Thomas PenfoldTowards the Rapid Analysis of XANES for Complex Systems using Deep Neural Networks
2020-July-27Andy AquilaThe Tender X-ray Imaging (TXI) instrument at the LCLS
2020-July-23Matthew MarcusSoft x-ray spectromicroscopy in extraterrestrial materials
2020-July-20Li SongSoft X-ray endstaions at the Hefei Light Source and some applications of XAS
2020-July-16Hao YuanPtychography and 4D imaging by spectro-ptycho-tomography
2020-July-13Wantana KlysubunXAS capability and science at the Thailand synchrotron
2020-July-09Dooshaye MoonshiramElectronic and Structural Configurations of Earth-Abundant Water Splitting Catalysts and Spin Crossover Complexes
2020-July-06Chris GloverAustralian XAFS: Past, present, and a Br-ght future
2020-July-02Yuanyuan LiMultimodal approach for determining the electronic and atomic structure of ceria supported Pt single atoms catalyst
2020-Jun-29Feng LiIon Reactions to Modulate Solid-State Electrochemistry for Batteries and Electrocatalysis
2020-Jun-25Sara Lafuerza The chemical sensitivity of core-to-core XES in 3d transition metals
2020-Jun-22Lijia LiuXEOL studies of Light-Emitting Materials
2020-Jun-18Anatoly FrenkelMachine learning – assisted analysis of material’s structure using XANES and EXAFS spectra
2020-Jun-15Anna ZymakovaIntroduction to ELI-Beamlines
2020-Jun-11Alessandra LeriXANES Spectroscopy to Illuminate Biogeochemical Cycling of Halogens in Environmental Systems
2020-Jun-08Jerry SeidlerOverview of lab XAFS/XES
2020-Jun-04MaryJo BrounceThe oxidation state of sulfur in Apollo-era lunar rocks and curation best practices for future sample return missions
2020-Jun-01Anne Marie MarchCapturing photochemical reaction intermediates with time-resolved synchrotron x-ray spectroscopy
2020-May-28Megan HolycrossProbing the deep Earth oxygen cycle with XANES
2020-May-25Joshua KasCorvus: A Workflow Tool for X-ray and Related Spectroscopies
2020-May-21Jason Shearer Structural Determination of Small Molecular Systems Using a Wavelet Analysis
2020-May-18Jennifer MassMicroXANES studies of pigment degradation in works by Henri Matisse and a Dutch golden age still life
2020-May-14Pieter GlatzelReflections on hard X-ray photon-in/photon-out spectroscopy
2020-May-11John RehrFast throughput calculations and the XAFS data base in the Materials Project
2020-May-07Paul NorthrupThe TES Beamline (8-BM) at NSLS-II: tender-energy spatially-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy and X-ray fluorescence imaging
2020-May-04Faisal AlamgirSoft and Hard X-ray Operando and In/Ex-situ XAFS: Towards a Unified View of Local Structure and Magnetic Properties in LiMO2 Delafossite Batteries
2020-Apr-30Frank deGrootTransition metal K edge spectral shapes: The influence of core hole screening
2020-Apr-27Eleanor SchofieldX-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in the service of Henry VIII: Conserving a Tudor shipwreck
2020-Apr-23Joe FowlerX-ray Fluorescence Line Metrology for the 21st Century
2020-Apr-20Rene BesNuclear fuel study using XAS: benefits of HERFD for U valence states evaluation
2020-Apr-16Yulia PushkarX-ray Emission Spectroscopy at X-ray Free Electron Lasers: Limits to Observation of Unperturbed Electronic Structures
2020-Apr-13Jacinto SaSolving chemical mechanisms with X-ray spectroscopy
2020-Apr-09Neil HyattMultimodal microfocus XAS to understand and remediate DU munitions contamination
2020-Apr-06Steve HealdSector 25 at the APS-U: Two new beamlines for advanced spectroscopy
2020-Apr-02Martin McBriarty Top-Down Approaches to EXAFS Analysis
2020-Mar-30Kelsey MorganHot science with cool sensors
2020-Mar-26Adam HitchcockSoft X-ray Spectromicroscopy in Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopes
2020-Mar-23Evan Jahrman Core-to-core X-ray Emission Spectroscopy: Pitfalls and Advantages for Lab-based and Synchrotron Users
2020-Mar-19Simo HuotariX-ray Raman spectroscopy: glimpse of the state of the art for samples in complex environments
2020-Mar-18Jerry SeidlerWhat is X-ray Raman Scattering, and What Did Raman Have to Do With It?