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Hao Yuan: Ptychography and 4D imaging by spectro-ptycho-tomography


Coherent X-ray scattering (diffraction) methods will be key to exploiting the high coherent flux of 4th generation synchrotron sources. Ptychography is a coherent diffraction technique that allows rapid, reliable inversion of arrays of diffraction images into real space images by using overlapping spatial areas to constrain the reconstruction [1]. While ptychography is quite well developed in the hard X-ray regime and in electron and optical microscopy, the implementation of soft X-ray ptychography is in its infancy. Soft X-ray ptychography is a coherent diffraction imaging technique readily implemented in Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy (STXM) [2]. 4D imaging by soft X-ray ptychography – chemically specific, quantitative 3D mapping of nanostructures can provide insight into the physical and chemical properties. By measuring spectro-ptycho-tomography – 2D ptychographic images at multiple photon energies and multiple tilt angles – 3D chemical distribution can be derived [3].


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