Executive Committee


Executive Committee of the International X-ray Absorption Society 

 The International X-ray Absorption Society (IXAS) has 3 officers and 9 members of its Executive Committee. These positions are elected by the members of the IXAS with terms of 6 years for Executive Committee members and Treasurer.  The Chair and Vice-Chair each have terms of 3 years, with the Vice-Chair then becoming the Chair.   The Current Executive Committee Members are:  
Chair Matthew Newville USA 2018-2021
Vice-Chair Kiyotaka Asakura Japan 2018-2021
Treasurer Paola D'Angelo Italy 2018-2024
Executive Committe Members
Europe/Africa Sofia Diaz-Moreno UK 2015-2021
Europe/Africa Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt Germany 2015-2021
Europe/Africa Alexander Soldatov Russia 2018-2024
Asia/Oceania Shinjiro Hayakawa Japan 2015-2021
Asia/Oceania Hitoshi Abe Japan 2018-2024
Asia/Oceania Wantana Klysubun Thailand 2018-2024
Americas Josh Kas USA 2015-2021
Americas Simon Bare USA 2018-2024
Americas Santiago Figueroa Brazil 2018-2024