Xray Periodic Table

The energies of X-ray absorption edges and X-ray emission lines are important for X-ray spectroscopy. Here, Poster-sized X-ray Periodic Tables of the Elements are available for X-ray spectroscopists. There is a choice of two sizes, and one of four prominent scientists associated with the history of the Periodic Table and X-ray spectroscopy.

Table of X-ray Periodic Tables of the Elements

The poster comes in two sizes: Large is 127.5x61 cm (about 50x24 inches) and Medium is 91x45.5 cm (about 36x17 inches).
ScientistLarge FormatMedium Format
Charles BarklaBarkla (Large)Barkla (Medium)
Marie CurieCurie (Large)Curie (Medium)
Dmitri MendeleevMendeleev (Large)Mendeleev (Medium)
Henry MoseleyMoseley (Large)Moseley (Medium)

These posters were created with the XrayDB library, using data from Elam, Sieber, and Ravel. The source code for the database and poster can be found at https://github.com/xraypy/XrayDB. They look like this:

image of Xray Periodic Table
But you should definitely download and print out one of the PDF documents from the table above.