Q2XAFS 2024

The International Workshop on Improving Data Quality and Quantity in XAFS Spectroscopy (Q2XAFS2024) will be held online between July to September, 2024.

Q2XAFS, Quality and Quantity for XAS, is a conference/workshop series in which expert users and world leaders in X-ray spectroscopy are invited to present an overview of the latest developments and discuss collaborative efforts in response to arising opportunities/challenges in the field. The latest iteration of the Q2XAFS was run at the Australian Synchrotron, ANSTO, as a satellite of the IUCr Congress 2023 in Melbourne, Australia. Working group activities have started to give recommendations in the International XAFS Conference in 2025 in Chicago, USA.

For more details, see Q2XAFS2024

Tentative Schedule

  • July 26:Database, Metadata, and Dataformat (Chair: Simon Bare, Speaker: Matthew Newville)
  • August 9: Beam Damage, (Chair: Hitoshi Abe, Speaker: Arun S.Asundi)

6:00 San Francisco
9:00 New York
10:00 Sao Paulo
14:00 London
15:00 Paris, Rome, Berlin, Malmo, Krakow
16:00 Kiev and Moskow
18:30 Delhi
20:00 Bangkok
21:00 Beijing, Shanghai, Singapol and Taipei
22:00 Seoul and Tokyo
23:00 Melbourne

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